Welcome from the Head of Department

Welcome to the website of the Department of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Szeged

Our mission is to provide efficient, yet empathic human services and to develop cooperative and active communities through the integration of education, academic research, and practice. We promote social justice and the development of communities through the education and training services we provide, and the research and development activities we conduct at local, regional, national and international levels. We are committed to a deep understanding of social issues and to improving the opportunities of the disadvantaged and the vulnerable when educating our students and providing training for future leaders in human services.

 The courses and subjects offered at our department follow an interdisciplinary approach combining the theoretical foundations of sociology and political sciences, and the research findings providing the knowledge base for social planning, community development, family and youth affairs, social integration, human resources, interpersonal relations, social values, civic engagement and political action.

The central aim of our major programs and training courses is to provide our students with high-level professional knowledge and directly applicable practical skills that help them enter the world of work.

We value collaborative knowledge construction and creative research activity, so we provided value-enriched education and professional training in a collaborative atmosphere, applying innovative new methods and providing personal mentoring.

Our aim is to provide our students with the knowledge, competencies and personal skills that they will need in order to excel in their future careers. We promote the development of talent through research camps in collaboration with professional partners, creative workshops, student workshops, presentation competitions and through publishing our students' research in special volumes.

Our students can complete their internships at our partner organisations in Hungary (community and civil society organisations, state- or church-run institutions, administrative institutions, project leading and management organisations, and research and development institutions) and in other countries of the European Union. Having graduated from the master’s programs, our students can apply for doctoral studies.

Our research interests at the department cover a wide spectrum of research directions related to community formation, population mobility, social values, justice and integration, family and youth life, social media, civic competencies, human resources, reducing social vulnerabilities and risks, and applied philosophy.


Csaba Jancsák Associate Professor

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